Costa Rica 2022: A Prayer and Giving Update

Our family mission trip to Jaco, Costa Rica is less than a month away! We have a couple of key deadlines over the next week and want to inform our prayer team of those deadlines.

First, pray for flights. It sounds a bit pedestrian, but (a) flight prices are much higher with the increased expense of gas, (b) there are only so many flights going into and out of San Jose on a weekly basis, and (c) we need to make a decision this week. Some of the flights are over 24 hours long! So pray that we find the right combination of price and quality of flight.

Next, pray for finances. So many people have already contributed to our trip. We are so blessed and have about 30% of the trip paid for by friends and family. If you are willing and able to contribute please read more about contributing in our online support letter.

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