Back From Costa Rica!

Back From Costa Rica!

We are safely back from our trip to Costa Rica. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

The lizard above is a good representation of what we experienced in Costa Rica - beauty in nature and darkness turning to light through God's power.

Over the coming weeks, you can expect more details about our trip in subsequent posts, but I wanted to start with a quick summary of our experiences in Costa Rica and our work with the Ocean's Edge ministry.

Seeing the glory of God revealed in his redemptive power
The city of Jaco, Costa Rica has been known as the Las Vegas of Central America. Prostitution, gambling, and theft cast a shadow over the town. But Hannah Fletcher, the founder of Ocean's Edge, had a heart for Jaco nearly 20 years ago and has seen God move in big ways (with ministries to the businesses and people, the first Christian churches, and much more).
Serving the people and city in Jaco, Costa Rica
We served the church and the kids in a first-ever baseball camp. We also painted a mural in a city park to restore beauty to the community.
Serving our mission teammates
Two other families were part of our team and we had the opportunity to serve them. One family had some rough times going on and we were able to love on them.
Seeing the glory of God displayed in his creation
From the waves of the ocean to the bountiful rain forests to the constantly fruit-producing Cacao (chocolate) trees to the slow-moving sloth, we were able to see wonderful creativity all around us.

If you have anything specific you would like to know about please let us know. More information on the topics above will be coming soon...

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